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History, science and technology of Electro-Magnetism.

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N0211192 High Frequency Gated Oscillator

High Frequency Gated Oscillator

In response to control signals, an oscillator originally developed for use aboard the Space Shuttle generates selectable frequency outputs of either...


N0010294 High-Temperature Electrostatic Levitator

High-Temperature Electrostatic Levitator

The apparatus schematically provides electrostatic levitation and radiant heating of a small sample of material in a vacuum. Unlike in an...


N0013488 Hybrid Contactless Heating and Levitation

Hybrid Contactless Heating and Levitation

A contactless material-processing concept involves the levitation, heating, and cooling of a sample of material through the coordinated use of...


N0018488 Hybrid Electrostatic Acoustic Levitator

Hybrid Electrostatic Acoustic Levitator

A levitator for liquid drops and small particles includes both electrostatic and acoustic components for versatility in the manipulation of samples....


N0271192 Hydrogen-Maser Frequency Standard

Hydrogen-Maser Frequency Standard

A maser functioning as a frequency standard stable to one part in 10-14 includes a variable volume, constant surface area storage bulb having a fixed...


N0006488 Improved Acoustic Levitation

Improved Acoustic Levitation

A method and apparatus for enhancing and shaping acoustical levitation forces in a single-axis acoustic resonance system wherein specially shaped...


N0261192 Improved Fourier Interference Spectrometer

Improved Fourier Interference Spectrometer

The novelty of the innovation lies in the new combination of elements defining a scanning Fourier interference spectrometer, and more specifically to...


N0091192 Improved Ultrasonic Resolution via Analog Technique

Improved Ultrasonic Resolution via Analog Technique

High spatial resolution is obtained from reflected or transmitted ultrasonic pulses by an analog technique that produces a signal proportional to the...


N0071192 Interferometer Detects Acoustic Emissions in Composites

Interferometer Detects Acoustic Emissions in Composites

Acoustic emission in prestressed composite panels has been detected using embedded single mode optical fibers. Static loading of the composite matrix...


N0301192 Interferometer for Measuring Acoustic Signals

Interferometer for Measuring Acoustic Signals

A broadband differential optical Interferometer which uses an optical fiber waveguide to transmit coherent light to a surface under inspection is...


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