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Theoretical, history, science and practice of Music and Music Theory.

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P0020488 Music of the Spheres

Music of the Spheres

"With regard to the music of the spheres, Pythagoras, and some of his earliest disciples, taught that the stars and planets, during their...


pdf20488 Music of the Spheres (pdf)

Music of the Spheres (pdf)

Digital version of the hardcopy edition. eBook, pdf format. Viewable with Adobe Acrobat.

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P22002 Musical Interval Calculator

Musical Interval Calculator

Handy and easy method of counting musical intervals because the counting has been eliminated. Created for the non-musician or those learning music....


B0011488 Pendulograph


Rev. John Andrews. Excellent work describing the construction and function of an articulated pendulum and how it creates uniform complex motions when...


P0001193 Psycho Harmonial Philosophy

Psycho Harmonial Philosophy

In the great field of modern as well as ancient psychic literature, we find many learned authors attempting to solve great problems: How did the...


B0008692 Richter's Treatise on Harmony

Richter's Treatise on Harmony

Translated from the original German by Franklin Taylor. Reprint of the original 1864 text. Very good (one of the best) beginning book for theory of...


V06697 Roots of the Vibratory Etheric Tree - Keely's Musical Dynasphere

Roots of the Vibratory Etheric Tree - Keely's Musical Dynasphere

Video tape (VHS) of Dale Pond's presentation at the 1997 Association for New Energy Conference in Denver, Colorado. Featuring the Keely Musical...


B0008488 Scientific Basis and Build of Music, Ramsay

Scientific Basis and Build of Music, Ramsay

Bloomfield-Moore indicated this book was extremely important to understanding what Keely was doing. Mr. Ramsay gives the background analysis of how...


S2AT0019 Simulating Rezars

Simulating Rezars

Lia Lissant's fascinating presentation of a new kind of oscillator. Audio Tape from the 2nd Keely Symposium, Colorado Springs.


B0012195 Snell Manuscript

Snell Manuscript

The Snell Manuscript contains the most comprehensive material from Keely yet located. According to Snell The Snell Manuscript was written from...


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