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Keely's Laws of Being 3.0 - Nature of Vibration and Toroids


Dale Pond. Version 3.0 is finally complete! There will be no further updates on this book unless minor typo fixes. I've worked very hard updating this material since the last version. The chapters have been reorganized, most material rewritten, rearranged and added chapters, added new images, bibliography and index. Total page count 330 pages. I feel I have done my duty with this update. It is a great book! If you have purchased an earlier edition email me for a special price on this edition. Images printed in color, 330 pages, 8 1/2" X 11", Color images. Perfect Bound.

Keely’s “Laws of Being” appear to be the source of Nikola Tesla’s famous quote: “''If you knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.''’’

In this book you will learn:
1) what Tesla thought so important about these numbers,
2) how to access this long lost knowledge,
3) how to apply it to your research, work and experiments,
4) that forces, of whatever kind, are a triune combination of subtler polar forces in discrete ratios and proportions,
5) what these subtler polar forces are,
6) all things are connected,
7) what the connecting link is, why and how it works,
8) all individuals are connected through laws and principles.
This awareness, about the hitherto ignored inner nature of vibration, motion and power, can and will cause a massive yet positive shift in all branches of science, engineering and society as a whole.


"Your latest book, Keely’s Laws of Being, is a joy for me to read. Like Jerry states, it is coherent. I find it logical, enlightened and enlightening. You have done a fantastic job of explaining physical phenomenon in terms of Keely and Russell, especially in terms of the sympathetic nature of Love. Those are ideas that I can hold in my consciousness during my daily activities. The act of observing and being aware of the sympathetic connection heightens and magnifies my experience of the joy, happiness and love in which we have our being." C.

"The edition I have is simply the best and over encompassing manual I ever studied." BC

"Brilliant! Dale, this is your best work ever. I can tell it is inspired. For the first time I can read at the beginning and it builds up mental images in a concise manner of how Keely was able to manipulate vibration, power, force and energy. Everyone interested in understanding Keely's work ought to read this book as a first introductory step." Jerry Williams

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